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20-Jul-2017 21:44

Also revealed in training is that the YWCA has a real issue with its name specifically "Christian".This was said in training by an employee that they do not like the term Christian and view it as a negative and hoped to change the name.It is a learned behavior, and is not caused by anger, drugs or alcohol, or stress.

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Pre-registration is required and a fee-waiver is available as needed. A printable PDF of all Safe Choice services is available here.

Support groups provide weekly support for survivors of emotional, physical, or verbal abuse, and are open on a drop-in basis.

Gender inclusive and women-only support groups are available, and childcare is provided.

I observed one volunteer who wore an extremely tiny cross necklace who was literally glared at by an employee when she saw it. I also have learned that the Y in this location and if you read other reviews around the country as well is not all that organized and there is a lot of pettiness.

It took 10 months to acknowledge my application and 6 months to reply to an earlier email inquiry as to their need for volunteers.Community education and prevention are a vital part of our work to end domestic violence.