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In 2003, Bamber joined the cast of the reimagined version of the classic science fiction series Battlestar Galactica.

He appeared in the initial miniseries as Lee Adama, a Viper pilot whose relationship with his father William (Edward James Olmos) soured after the death of his brother Zak (Tobias Mehler) in a flight accident.

Teenage girl, aunts who are witches, young girl who didn’t want to be a witch because she wanted to fit in, talking black cat, blah blah blah …” There could be a reboot If the likes of Full House and Boy Meets World can get the reboot treatment, then there’s no reason why the highest-rated show in ABC’s TGIF slot shouldn’t get the same.

Although there are no concrete plans as of yet, Hart recently admitted that a reboot was in discussion.

Childhood He grew up in France, and his family moved back to the UK when he was 8.

School College Bamber was educated at St Paul's School in London, and graduated with a first in Modern Languages (Italian and French) from St John's College, Cambridge, before attending and graduating from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He is currently filming the lead role of Kev Allison in The Smoke, an upcoming Kudos Television drama for Sky1 in the UK which focuses on a team of London firefighters; it is expected to air in early 2014.

Bamber also played guest roles in several other television shows, such as The Last Detective, Cold Case and Ghost Whisperer.Jamie Bamber is an English actor, known for his roles as Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica and Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin on the ITV series Law & Order: UK.