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He's a man's man whom women are drawn to, yet is, essentially, solitary.(Tellingly, the word Kitsch uses most often to describe Riggins is loner, also the word he uses most often to describe himself.) And Riggins is every bit as much 's martyr as he is its stud.It's an anti–soap opera, a frank, uncondescending look at lives and loves in a small town. And if NBC hadn't cut a deal with the subscription television service Direc TV to subsidize production costs in exchange for the right to air episodes first, it never would have lasted five seasons and likely would have been canceled after two.That everybody in the small town happens to resemble a movie star, and nobody more so than Kitsch—cheekbones as high as goalposts! is my favorite show, Riggins my favorite character.To regain his footing, too, if not quite his momentum., the HBO neo-noir in which Kitsch is a lead in the new season, along with Rachel Mc Adams, Vince Vaughn, and Colin Farrell—a show that's ensemble but the opposite of low profile, the first season like a William Faulkner parable of good and evil rewritten as a pot-boiler by Jim Thompson, and so beautifully shot it made rural Louisiana look like a dreamscape (or nightmarescape)—should give him forward propulsion, not to mention a second chance at stardom. According to Kitsch, "80 percent" of his lines were improvised, a number that sounds high, though it would account for the natural rhythms of his dialogue and the show's all-around feeling of authenticity. Kyle Chandler, 's Coach Taylor, says Kitsch was "the most extreme" when it came to off-the-cuff riffing.The sun is slanting into my eyes, so while I can see that he's got something on his head, I can't see what.

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I'm afraid that meeting him will kill the fantasy, basically.

The other young characters get out of dead-end Dillon, in the cases of Garrity and Street, thanks entirely to Riggins.