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I was pretty quiet on that case as I had just met everyone, except Heather (my partner in crime). This is something I had always wanted to do and I just wanted to learn everything I could! I’m not sure what was there, but if we’re labeling things I would say it was HAUNTED!There was a crew of about twenty people, again, all of who I just met, and cameras were in my face the duration of the investigation. Heather and Eilfie shared the bed in the master bedroom and I was on the couch right next to the bed.

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Back in 2010, I was lucky enough to interview Katrina for a magazine that, unfortunately, fell on hard times, so the interview was never published.It seems Ryan is a hypocrite because he made fun of the client’s piano situation in “Haunted Piano.” character played by William Shatner.Nadine, the client, has some very grave concerns about her purportedly haunted piano, such as:she thinks her deactivated/turned off- cell phone received a demonic “666” message, said she wasn’t able all day to go into the room where they had the piano, and when she looks at the piano she sees blood.Ryan apparently doesn’t like people giggling or laughing at him, and feels his team isn’t taking this case seriously.

He doesn’t answer a simple question if anything else happened to him in addition to a woman (ghost?

My sister remembers a lot her experiences from that house.