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Monk was lost without her for several months, until he met Natalie Teeger.Sharona returned to San Francisco in 2009, in the season 8 episode "Mr.During this conversation, she whimsically compared herself to Lois Lane, Superman's plucky female cohort.In 2004, Sharona reconciled with Trevor and remarried him, moving back to New Jersey with Benjy and quitting as Monk's assistant.

She and Trevor married, but their marriage was not a good one: Trevor was unfaithful, addicted to gambling and alcohol, and unable to keep an honest job. Sharona worked in a variety of odd jobs, to put herself through nursing school.Sharona sometimes conducted investigations herself, using her natural street smarts, and her sex appeal, to gain access to information that Monk sometimes could not. Monk and the Employee of the Month", Monk's former partner, Joe Christie, remarked that Sharona "had his back" in a way that a police detective's partner normally would. Monk Goes to the Theater", Sharona is even emboldened enough to fib to her mother that she was actually Monk's partner, not his assistant.