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13-Oct-2017 17:55

However, rumor has it that one of the reasons (according to Lainey Gossip and other outlets) that Chris Martin left Gwyneth Paltrow was because he wanted to make it work with Alexa.Of course, as we know, that relationship could not sustain itself, and the two went their separate ways – and into other people’s arms.But he’s been suspiciously silent recently, and the photo-op activity has died down.Meanwhile, Alexa and Alexander – who have been very low-key and undercover for the past two years – have suddenly resurfaced, and don’t mind getting photographed.Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard began dating in 2015, allegedly right after Alexa’s fling with Chris Martin fizzled and died out.Chris of course began dating Jennifer Lawrence soon after, whereas Alexa went a little more low-key and began dating Alexander Skarsgard.You could pass that off as a coincidence, but in Hollywood, one learns that celebrities rarely do anything without thinking of their public image. As such, in the world of narcissism, you wouldn’t be amiss in guessing that Alexa Chung either wanted Chris Martin to feel jealous – or was using Alexander Skarsgard to stay in the spotlight – or both!

Another source adds, "It's a fun relationship for both of them.

However, if he truly did leave Gwyneth for Alexa – and now she’s all loved up with Alexander Skarsgard (or as some would say, the superior much better looking version of Chris Martin) – then where does that leave him? To be fair, we don’t know that Chris Martin is actually single.