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The court documents offer a window into their relationship.

Simpson was acquitted of the murders in 1995, but was found liable for the wrongful deaths of Brown and Goldman in a 1997 civil suit.

Simpson in any way, for the sake of her sister's children and the two children from Mr. Simpson regularly at youth basketball games at the recreation center in Pacific Palisades. Simpson would cheer on her daughter, Sydney, who played for the Tar Heels. "You couldn't stop looking at her because she was so striking," Ms. "I remember her presence, her bearing," said Bill Prestridge, recalling her from his journalism class. In an emotional acceptance speech, he thanked "my wife, Nicole, who came into my life at what is probably the most difficult time for an athlete, at the end of my career." And, he added, "she turned those years into some of the best years I have had in my life, babes." She smiled proudly back at him. He said he couldn't pay more because he was saddled with the costs of supporting his mother and his two adult children, among others. Simpson drove up and glared at their party for a long minute. Simpson was reaching for a new freedom, said Dee Dee Burnett, a 24-year-old who said she befriended Mrs.

Brown stressed throughout a lengthy interview that she did not want to criticize Mr. Jean Vallely, a writer and mother of four who lives in Brentwood, saw Mrs. Simpson and her children at a game the week before she was killed. Nicole's home economics teacher, Jo Hanson, said: "Everybody was in awe of her. "People said somebody wealthy and famous would nab her," Ms. "She just seemed bound for that." She added, "Nicole was famous to us." Though Nicole was not the oldest of the Brown sisters, she was viewed as the most mature. They were really great for each other." They lived together for six years and married on Feb. That summer he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He became a spokesman for Hertz, a football commentator for ABC, then NBC, and an actor. "He'd say, 'If I ever caught her with another man, I'd kick his ass.' He didn't want to catch anyone with his wife, and he was adamant about it. "The house was extensively remodeled a few years ago, and no expense was spared to update and modernize the kitchen, pool and other amenities." Every year they traveled to Hawaii, she said. Back in Brentwood, she had a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Simpson won a 3,000 settlement, as well as ,000 a month child support. She would go off for a few minutes and then come back." Other friends recalled an occasion when they were drinking coffee at a cafe when Mr. Simpson kissed at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Attorney Johnnie Cochran puts his hand on Simpson's shoulder as he and cocounsel Robert Shapiro wait to join the prosecution team at an off-the-record sidebar conference just before the close of a pretrial hearing on January 5, 1995.

Simpson says Brown showed up to the recital dressed inappropriately, and he tried to stay away from her during the performance. If she wanted to take herself down, that was one thing.

He brings up that he thinks she has a drug problem.

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"She didn't have that girlish laughter." After high school, she went to work as a waitress in a Beverly Hills nightclub, the Daisy. A Restless Beauty, A Vulnerable Athlete Then she met O. The settlement was consistent with a prenuptial agreement Mr. Simpson that would give his allegedly hypothetical account of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ronald Goldman made waves. Shortly after the announcement, however, the book was canceled following outrage over the former football star profiting from the deaths.