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17-Nov-2017 01:49

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TAIPEI - Pop star Vanness Wu announced on Chinese Valentine's Day on Tuesday that he would wed Singaporean jewellery designer Arissa Cheo. " he wrote on Weibo, before confirming reports that the two filed a notice of marriage in Singapore on National Day last Friday, after an on-off seven-year romance.Arriving in Taipei on Tuesday, he told reporters: "It was my birthday last week.More Arissa Cheo Images: Fiona Xie and Arissa Cheo Arissa’s Blog: Arissa’s Fansite Tumblr: Arissa’s Interview with Prestige Magazine: Recently, Vanness Wu held an autograph session for his new album.In fact, when Arissa celebrated her birthday with some close friends in July, Vanness was notably absent from the party.When Vanness’s birthday came around in August, Arissa was out of the country attending a wedding.A one-time television actress, she was a student in the United States then and they split up after a year.

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All of his friends had brought a female companion; Vanness was the only one without a partner.

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After their marriage in November 2013, Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo (石貞善) basked in a period of marital bliss and honeymooned in Greece.

Marriage is a gift to myself." He said they would fix a wedding date only after discussing it with their parents.

Asked whether he had broken his vow of abstinence now that he is almost married, he said: "You're a perv." .

That year, he attended a birthday bash for her father in Singapore.