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Note: Descriptions of resolved defects are included in the ux_readme and windows_readme files in the Download package table.The readme files are also included in each patch bundle; therefore, you need not download the readme separately when downloading the patch. This fixpack addresses vulnerabilities XML external entities.The system requirements page includes important information about product installation that you should read before installing the product.For detailed instructions for installing and upgrading Rational Clear Case, refer to the IBM Rational Clear Case 8.0 knowledge center.Important Information for users of the silent install option: Beginnning with this release, when you use the silent install option on Linux platforms and specify that the MVFS should be rebuilt, a value for the key "user.CC_MVFSModule Kernel Path" is required in the response file.

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Prerequisites are: Installation Manager 1.7.1 or later; Rational Clear Case Version 8.0 or or or or or or or or or or or Important Upgrade Information: Before you upgrade servers that deploy web components, read technote 1572830.

Review the Security bulletin CVE-2014-3090 for more information.

It also contains fixes for client-reported and internally found defects.

Click to review the detailed system requirements information for a complete list of hardware requirements, supported operating systems, prerequisites and optional supported software, with component-level details and operating system restrictions. Descriptions of the resolved defects are included in the readme files associated with each patch download.

Each patch contains the cumulative fixes of its predecessor.Please see the sample response file in technote 1351501.