Updating passport with married name who has abigail breslin dating

10-May-2018 17:11

You can change names in your passport any time after marriage.

If you can provide your Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) issued marriage certificate or BDM issued relationship certificate you could be eligible for a free replacement.

If you’ve had plastic surgery for instance, or your appearance has changed enough to be unrecognisable from your passport photo, you’ll have to get a new one.

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According to the HM Passport Office, you must get a new passport if you change your name, gender or appearance.The Passport Office warned: “You won’t be allowed to travel if you book your travel under a different name to what’s on your passport.”It costs £72.50 to apply for an updated passport, which will be sent to you with a fresh 10-year validity period.The Passport Office added: “Up to nine months of unexpired time on your old passport will be added to your new passport.”You’ll have to fill out a passport application with the name and details you want on your travel document.Your current passport must have a minimum of 2 years validity.

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Your new passport is issued with the same expiry date as your existing passport.

To change your name because of a marriage or civil partnership, you’ll have to supply your certificate or a special form if you’re applying in advance.