Updating flowered wallboard

06-Oct-2017 15:43

BTW: All I do when I take it down is use hot water in a spray canister and I let One of the four walls soak in it for five minutes. After about five seperate sprays, that is when I first start taking it down. If the walls were not finished first - if the wall paper was applied over unpainted drywall there is nothing you can do.Continue to take the wall paper down and repair the drywall.If the power goes out, I’ll certainly remember to press this big white plastic circle , although it won’t come on because the batteries will be dead! It was 3/4 of the way up the wall over the entire bathroom. From Tim: Usually every construction project begins with de-construction of some sort. There was both electrical and plumbing work to be done behind it all so almost everything you see here was removed and replaced. Coming out of the tub surround was the Durock (cement board), then new sheet rock running into existing sheet rock.If I remember correctly, it contained gold specks in it 22 years ago when we moved in. In our little hovel’s bathroom, the mosaic tile simply had to go. The concern was to maintain everything at the same level – 1/2″ thickness in preparation for the beadboard. A good idea, even before this point, is to mark the studs in some way on the floor and/or ceiling so you know where the solid points are. Even though the beadboard would be glued and sparsely nailed, I still wanted to hit those studs as much as possible. The electrical is new, a GFCI and a three-way switch for the new ventilation fan/light combo (with the existing light above the vanity).

There are some amazing wallpapers out there - believe me not your grandmother's wallpaper at all.

My best advice is either just keep going with what your doing and repair the spots with joint compound or just stop and repair what you have already taken down and run liner paper over everything and then run the new over the liner paper.

Hard to say without getting a look at it but I have hung a lotta paper and run into quite a few situations like this in the past.

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Anything that wet the paper enough to remove it, wet the plaster too much.

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