Updating airline technology

02-Jul-2018 11:30

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READ MORE FLARM can be extended with additional features, such as Obstacle databases, IGC approval, and much more.All features can be purchased in our webshop and then easily downloaded as a license file."I think the Max airplane will do for us over the next 30 years what the classic (737-300) did over the last 30." Dallas-based Southwest is launching nine of the Max 8 aircraft on Sunday.The first revenue-earning flight will pay homage to the company's Texas triangle roots by flying from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio and then back to Dallas."Delta likely built a disaster-recovery plan into the system, but it was not properly configured to back up everything that failed," Gil Hecht, a computer disaster recovery expert, told Business Insider.Unfortunately for passengers, what happened to Delta isn't an isolated incident for the airline industry.Even with airlines investing time and resources in updating computer systems, companies and customers don't seem to be sheltered from service disruptions.This means there has to be a fundamental overhaul of the computer infrastructure across the airline industry for there to be true improvement.

Jet Blue was forced to ground its planes in January because of a power failure at a data center.Dallas-based Southwest Airlines will soon fly its first Boeing 737 Max 8, a more fuel-efficient aircraft that is capable of traveling longer distances and expanding the carrier's burgeoning international service.But this nod toward Southwest's future also means letting go of the past."It takes a lot of inertia for there to be major changes in the industry," Bhaskara said.

"That means these computer systems will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century." Bhaskara believes that the change won't come from one of the major airlines or its suppliers.

ET, the airline was forced to cancel 1,000 flights on Monday and another 500 on Tuesday.