Typhlitis consolidating with high dose arac

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Such a lesion, if localisable and to be got at, should be attacked, because if left alone it will aro on causino- trouble indefinitely, and further the compression and wasting of adjacent nerve tissue which it will set up, will in time become irreparable.

I only wish that my book deserved better the kind things which they have written of it. Hughlings Jackson, in the discussion or i Piot ^ ^ ^ tl it was proved that the « thumb centre "-i.e., that pait o ^ fcy ^ ITs Jecial movements of ^^^t'^Z the most delic^e fact that while the parent could move his urn ^ rfd of his subject to fits becoming universal. 233 trial has been given to mercury and potassium iodide,'"* there is no doubt whatever that a syphilitic lesion may reach a stage here as elsewhere, in which it has quite got beyond the reach of specific remedies.

The point where it leaves the sagittal suture, the bregma, may be found by drawing a line from a point just in front of the external auditory meatus straight upwards on to the vertex ; from this point the coronal suture runs downwards and forwards, speaking roughly, to the middle of the zygomatic arch, or more exactly, to join the temporal part of the great wing of the sphenoid, which it meets an inch and a half above the zygoma, and not quite an inch behind the external angular process of the frontal bone.| m , , Under this suture lie the posterior extremity of the tniee frontal convolutions (Fig. From £ to £ inch below the surface lay a transparent, lobulated, solid tumour, thinly encapsuled, but quite isolated from the surrounding brain substance.

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OPERATIVE INTERFERENCE IN THE CASE OP FOREIGN BODIES IN THE BRAIN. Tht observer found that bullets introduced into different portions | the upper parts of the hemispheres and the cerebellum gradual; penetrated the brain substance, ultimately reaching the basis crami the bullet tracks healing after them (Nancrede, from Wharton). About twelve hours afterwards, when seen by the surgeon, he was semi-conscious, aphasic, with complete loss of motion, without loss of sensation on the right side below the head. Ca Se UDder th bec ° ua ' ™ * 1 ana 2 /» , second temporo-spheuoidal tions. Between P ° mt S ' Pa SSing ratll6r ° bli( * uel y forwards, lies this 'eent S 2? E, Fissure of Eolando, separating the parietal from the frontal lobe. The outlines of the coronal, squamoso-parietal, and larabdoidal sutures are also seen. ™ th C av ^ge^ist7nce in eleven .skulls as »■ ^cas-Champiomuere inch behind the diagonal line, and about 1 4- inch from the median longitudinal line. On the twenty-first day the patient was seized with a rigor, followed by fever, and all the symptoms of meningitis, from which he died a week later. — The brain was practically everywhere healthy except over the area injured by the operation and in the membranes in the immediate neighbourhood. outer half lifted out ; theu the inner part was separated from the falx with the help of the finger-nail and withdrawn. The first severe fit occurred March 1 884 ; the second in January 1885. Coincident also with the formation of ^he herni came fresh symptoms, in the shape ^"^^^ partial anesthesia of one-half of the body. 229 due to the effects of simple pressure, and possibly to the subsequent secondary softening of the conducting fibres caused by it. A man, aged twenty, began, in Januaiy 1884, to have cx^amps in the left thumb and forefinger, these consisting of clonic oppo- sition of the above-named digits, and occurring about twice a day for three months. id was (I) £«k,«.-A bram growth on the right ; * aiagn Ufi "p u* destruction of the -mainiug arm-centres in tke 'emo tumour.

, t Vip Patent of softening around was not great, S n l T« ^ « til accurately,^ the brain had under- gone ! The original growth was a glioma, ^pednnder the ^^t^^^^ t) R—p of { ll a Xly physiclogically and pathological, "Ite will well repay most careful perusal; only the chief points can be given here.

the chief sutures which are met with m that region. and Physiol, viii.) sugg ests the f one that gives the upper extremity of the Roland fissure m heads of ordinary size : — Where the Distance from Glabella to External Occipital Protuberance is — 1 1 inches ni » n£ » 1 if » 12 „ 12J „ 12^ „ i2i£ n the Fissure of Eolando will lie behind the Glabella— 6t V inches f. 6£ „ 7 7ttt » 7' Where the Distance from Glabella to External Occipital Protuberance is— 1 3^ inches I3i » 13S » 14 » Hi » I4i -1 14S » 15 » the Fissure of Rolando will lie behind th s Glabella - 7^ inches 74 7t V t fl- y-To vol. Occupying most of this space, and crossing it obliquely from above and behind, downwards and forwards, was a convolution.