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It is also an undeniable fact that the current or former religious doctrines influencing a society lead to the upbringing of generations with a positive attitude towards marriage.Before you begin reading this extensive article on Turkish weddings, here are some more articles that may attract your attention, since we assume that you’re already interested in diverse customs and traditions:1. The most interesting African Traditions But this article is about the wedding traditions in Turkey, right?The reason why marriage has such a huge rate of acceptance in almost any culture is not set in stone.While some cultures deem in unacceptable to get involved premarital sex or to live together, people may prefer to get married in some other cultures which simply does not have anything to say about the mentioned issues.

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By giving a bride to the family in return for taking a bride, families used to unite without the bride price.However, a majority of the population define themselves as Muslims [3], so it may be a good idea to cover the practices of the majority first.As a Christian marriage is solemnized by a priest, a Muslim marriage must be solemnized by an imam, but the solemnization does not have to take place in a mosque.So let’s have a look at the status of marriage in Turkey, first of all.

In Turkey, the age of majority is 18 so every citizen over the age of 18 can get married by his/her free will.

The phrase “in most cases” was intentionally used in the previous paragraph because a very small percentage of arranged marriages in certain parts of the country may skip the ‘consent of the child’ phase.