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08-Feb-2018 05:12

To ignore Phuket and the nearby islands is to ignore a swathe of Thai women who speak good English.Many establishments recruit ladies that are bi-linguial to cater to the tourist horde which invade Phuket and the nearby islands every year.It is the dream of many a girl from the poorer Northeast province to find a good man who can take care of her.Alas, a good number of these girls find their way into Bangkok and Pattaya bars, looking for love–and money–in all the wrong places.Many wealthy families in Bangkok have a second home in Chiang Mai.

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Banker in the Sun is definitely not a dating site, but I still answered their questions as best as I could.Clear, sunny days, palms with lazy sway, wind-swept ocean spray–what more could somebody want in Thailand’s idyllic settings? I recently interviewed a Bangkok banker, who shared some dating tips and the story of how he found his beautiful fiancee in Thailand.