Taylor schilling and zac efron dating Adult chat in the philippines

05-Jan-2018 08:00

Finally, I was able to engage him and we became best friends. I was able to look at that early on, and then physically, there was a lot to be done. The hardest part about this was the physical transformation. EFRON: I mean, the principles I learned, absolutely. After he returns stateside, the picture becomes the catalyst for an unusual and moving journey of discovery and healing.we sat down at a roundtable interview with Efron and Schilling to talk about what drew them to the Nicholas Sparks universe and the story’s interconnecting ideas of luck, love and destiny.” ZAC EFRON: There’s a cynical part of you that red flags go off on a couple lines.EFRON: But then I think back to moments I’ve been in and I’ve said things way, way crazier than that. There was a little bit of shivering when I realized I was going to do that on camera, but I think a bit of pride too. EFRON: We went through so much, man, me and that dog, me and Rowdy. What kind of training did you do for the military aspect of your character? First and foremost, I wanted to spend as much time around Marines and the troops as possible.EFRON: There’s an element, coming into that first talk with the Marines, it goes unsaid but in the room there’s a palpable, maybe I give it off, but we’ll never truly understand what it was like. I had that down pretty much by the time we got there, but there was a lot of rehearsal beforehand with the master sergeant and everybody. I mean if it doesn’t scare you, if you don’t feel like it’s – – that’s why I love what we do. I think that everyone in the room is aware of that, but at the same time, after a couple hours with them, Scott was able to communicate just how much we cared and that we wanted to have the most accurate portrayal. He has a lot of self-control, but the whole time he’s a weapon that can break out at any time. It’s like one of those characters you don’t know is a samurai. Was the river rescue shot on set or on location and was it freezing? They have pulleys attached to them and things like that so I feel like I actually had it kind of easy in that scene. Everything is heightened and it makes your spine tingle.

I’m a musical theater geek walking in there, and I knew there was so much work to be done, it was overwhelming at that point. But every time I get really scared like that, that’s a sign I’m on the right track. The best part about Logan is he never takes the easy road, never once.

They told us how the friendship they developed on set helped when it came time to film some of the movie’s more romantic scenes, how it was working with Academy Award-nominated writer/director Scott Hicks, and what they have coming up next including Efron’s Zac also talked about his progression toward more serious roles, how he transformed himself physically for the role, and why it was important to him to give the most accurate portrayal possible after getting to know the Marines at Camp Pendleton.

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