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21-May-2018 12:49

The producer's note continues: 'It's part of a high-profile artificial intelligence season on one of the nation's most popular and respected channels.

' (stock image)'It should be a unique experience for those involved and the filming will take place for a day in London in September.'This isn't the first time that it has been suggested that robots will take human jobs.

Now he’s opening up the chat bot to everyone in the US.

The tool is extremely simple to use, and all you have to do is explain what you need — help with speeding tickets, fighting a parking fine, and demanding a refund for faulty goods are just a few of its capabilities — and the bot will ask you a series of questions.

Fighting something as simple as a parking ticket can be a minefield of confusing regulations and obscure rules that seem to have been designed specifically to overwhelm the average person.

Now, a “robot lawyer” is trying to change that, and after already helping to get nearly 400,000 tickets thrown out, the tool is available for everyone in the United States.

' TV production firm, Double Act Productions, is working on the robot chat show, according to a report in the Daily Star.

And the firm's casting producer, Kieran Mc Carthy, is already on the lookout for celebrities to appear on the show.

And now it seems that a new version of The Jeremy Kyle Show will replace the host with a robot.But Charvet sees the cafe as more than just place to relieve sexual urges.