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The Tobago Cays also provided the setting for some of the most memorable "Pirates of the Caribbean" scenes!

Our personally owned Blue Grenadines concierge service firm can arrange day trips to these little islands.

Bring a cooler and spend the entire day lounging around on the island, soaking up the sun, or wading in the shallow water.

Mopion Island is surrounded by a very well-developed series of reefs and great snorkeling can be found around the sandbank.

Botanical Gardens The Botanical Gardens was founded in 1768 as a commercial breeding ground for plants brought from other parts of the world and is believed to be the oldest such gardens in the Western Hemisphere.

These spectacular gardens are filled with intricate and rare species of plants, flowers and trees including a breadfruit tree from the original plant brought by Captain Bligh in 1793, the National Flower: The Soufriere Tree (Spachea Perforata), and the National Bird (Amazona Guildingi).

Tom and Gladdie later established Moonhole Company Limited and allocated the 30 acre property to the company.

Hamilton Fort Situated on the northern point of Admiralty Bay, beyond Hamilton village is the Hamilton Fort.

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The protected natural reserve is home to some of the most amazing coral reefs and aquatic life in the Caribbean.Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange sail charters throughout the islands including Union Island.Mopion Mopion Island is not actually an “island”, but rather a sandbank. Vincent & the Grenadines - has appeared on dozens of magazine covers and continues to inspire artists, photographers and writers, as well as the average yachtsman.Moonhole Moonhole is a private community on the island of Bequia (Bek-way) in the Grenadines which derives its name from a massive arch formed in volcanic substrata through which the setting moon is sometimes visible.

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Founded by Thomas and Gladys Johnston in the 1960s, Moonhole is now a private nature preserve.A quintessential “deserted island”, Mopion is quite literally the poster child for the Caribbean.