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But gamine model Alice Rugge-Price will be more decorously clothed for her next big assignment — her wedding day.Alice, educated at Marlborough, is to marry her chisel-jawed Old Etonian boyfriend Archie ­Keswick, heir to the £644million Hong Kong-based Jardine Matheson hotel-and-property fortune.Perhaps she’s holding out for Grease’s lead role of Sandy.She once posed with only a strategically placed pair of oven gloves for the ­photographer son of MP Nicholas Soames.No less a figure than Major-­General Sir Jeremy Moore, who accepted the Argentinian ­surrender, refused to allow the use of ‘Islas Malvinas’ in the ­documents signed in 1982, dismissing it as a propaganda term.Yet, in an episode entitled Death Of The Doctor, the BBC's Sarah Jane series did just that when describing how a character travelled back from South America to Britain, saying he went ‘via Las Malvinas’.

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He told chums he wanted to avoid being Lord Spring because it sounds too much like a brand for bottled water.

Louise works behind the scenes of Celebrity Who Wants To Be A ­Millionaire — on which Martin was a guest at Christmas — having ­previously worked on Big Brother. They spent New Year together at James’s Hampshire home, and Louise was in the ­passenger seat of his silver Ferrari at Brooklands race track on New Year’s Day.

The lives of 257 ­servicemen were lost to ensure that the Falkland Islands remain a British dependency. For, to the astonishment of the ­Falklands’ hardy residents and soldiers who fought to liberate them almost 30 years ago, the islands were re-­christened ‘the Malvinas’ — the contentious name for the islands used by Argentina — by the writers of children’s TV show The Sarah Jane Adventures.

For I learn the handsome Saturday Kitchen host, who only last year seemed happily entwined with Dubai-based interior designer Julia Dempster, is now stepping out with shapely TV producer Louise Davies.

Martin - who, aptly for a cook, has enjoyed romances with a string of­ women with culinary names, from ex-Miss England Sally Kettle and actress Claire Goose to 007 ­producer Barbara Broccoli - made his first public appearance with his latest squeeze at a ­performance by Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall.Alas, Ann — who this week joins the Strictly Come ­Dancing tour in Nottingham — wasn’t so eager.