Skadate 7 dating

19-Feb-2018 21:28

When you are looking for dating software to power your dating site or social network you ought to find out what Ska Date has to offer. Because Ska Date is different from other online dating scripts and community software on the net.

How is Ska Date different from other dating scripts and community software?

Just wanted to say, anyone that needs a good dating script, Skadate is your script, comes with great support, great extras, but not just for dating, if you have something else you like to do with the script you can, especially with the video messenger plug-in, from erotic phone calls with video to astrology dating site. Great sales process, addon seemed great, and there is lots of them.

Although lately their hosting server has been down many times, and many time the server runs very slow, or your see an message he server is out of resources.

Dating software, dating script, social network software, matchmaking software, personals script, dating site software, community software and dating site solution - names are many, but there is only one product that brings you the best of online dating industry trends.

Ska Date is PHP/My SQL/Ajax powered dating script with object oriented programming approach in development.

am doing apps right now and might edit the review if something happens. Lost couple of users due to invalid email addresses, but other then that import went seamlessly.

then ordered 2 more gateways for about from other developers.Advice: just tell them what you need and what you are doing before you actually go ahead and do it.Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team.- email verificaiton,profile content approval that come out of the box. Apart from script itself ( which is working as expected), their team set AWS server for me with all that stuff I had no idea about before and probably would have screwed up if I attempted to do this myself.

- my desiner also liked an easy tool for CSS changes ( personally I have no idea what this is but it does seem to work peferctly well :smiley: noticable thing that is missing in default package and must be ordered additionally - multiple step registration process ( currently only 2 steps, but I need more since i have a lot of questions users must answer during join) all in all i liked the way I was guided throug all the processes by support team. User migration service from my old site (thats another story, but I wont name names - the first script I bought from another company turned out to be worst than crap) to new site new server also went very well giving amount of data that I had on old site.Ska Date is a full-fledged dating and community software solution for building professional Dating and Social Networking web sites. please make an id in above said site and please search and tell me the solution..regards,tell me how can i remove the skadate tag.... can anyone tell me the procedure that there is no any files of the like .. i mean when i click any users profiles i shows that page not found.. can i have to set any special permissions to my webfolders... although when open my own profile then the php page is working... when i change the permission to that folder then the site is totally close i mean all site is dumb...