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22-Jun-2017 12:11

Police say the officer’s chased the boy’s father Christopher Few after he drove off from an argument with his girlfriend.

The video captures the moment the SUV was cornered, CBS News correspondent David Begnaud reported.

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Do not allow water to get into the interior of the lifter body.

Caution: wash only the crown of the lifters: the very bottom of the lifter where it contacts the camshaft lobe.

If this is the case, it is helpful to (if possible) set the block on the floor bellhousing-side DOWN, so the block is vertical.

The camshaft can then be lowered into the block straight down, so there's minimal effort needed to assure that the cam lobes and cam journals DO NOT nick the bearings.

It is only suggesting to remove rust-preventative grease that may or may not have been applied to the cam/lifters to prevent rust in storage.

This grease will not have the extreme pressure characteristics that Molybdenum Disulphide has and should be removed so that MD can be applied properly.

They are currently reviewing the rest of the body cam footage.