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I wrapped myself in my robe, stepped into the monastery hallway, and looked on the shelves for something to read. I stayed up all night reading it and took eight pages of notes.

By morning, I knew — and it still took almost two years for me to file a complaint.

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Van Dyke, it would seem, acted as a sort of “legal adviser” to the group.Heywood had written about the incident which had been expunged from Van Dyke’s record, prompting Van Dyke to call Heywood an “AIDS-ridden highway rest stop bathroom connoisseur” and a “faggot” in a blog post.And Van Dyke’s umbrage at being called a Nazi is odd in hindsight given his connections to Kyle Bristow — the aforementioned white supremacist attorney.Worth, I own my own home and my own business, am 32 years old and single (never married).” In another post, WNLaw stated that his name is Jason — reluctance to post his “real name” notwithstanding — that he is a “lawyer by trade,” and that he wants to date “a woman who wants to have children and raise them in a traditional white household.” And he promoted a petition to “ban Dianne Feinstein” for her stance on gun control.

Although the petition has since been deleted, it was originally posted under the initials J. In other threads WNLaw stated his beliefs that it is a “statistical truth” that “whites are intellectually superior to blacks,” and that “hookup culture” exists in order to “eliminate the white race.” Van Dyke himself has vociferously denied having ever maintained an account on Stormfront, claiming that he was a victim of identity theft.

The publicist Bob Palmer, a longstanding friend of Van Dyke, told the Associated Press: "I've never seen him happier.