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Featuring carnival rides, a hog-calling contest, parade and live music, the event draws nearly 50,000 people, and more than 10,000 pounds of chitlins are consumed. Testicle Festival Known as the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival to the demure and the "Testy Festy" to the more forthright, the annual Testicle Festival draws thousands to the Rock Creek Lodge in Clinton, Montana, every August. " this five-day festival is definitely not for the timid.While there are plenty of events to keep patrons busy—tattoo, beer belly and wet T-shirt contests; oil wrestling—there's one event that reigns supreme: the deep-fried bull testicle eating contest.With's photo sharing, messaging, and video-chatting features, it's simple and quick to meet local for no-strings-attached dating.From Georgia's peaches to Maine's lobster, nearly every state has its own prized food, and a festival to celebrate it.Laila’s life becomes even more difficult when the husband of one of those neighbors becomes obsessed with Laila and blackmails her into offering him her service.masterfully challenges taboos on sex, race, relationships, and gender bias leaving everyone involved begging for more.

Two major rivers comprise its northern and western borders.

These events serve up a terrific sampling of regional cooking—everything from pig intestines to fruitcake—and are guaranteed to give your palate a jumpstart. Nearly 7 million cans are eaten every year—making it more popular here than in any other state.

It makes sense, then, that this salty mystery meat would get its own festival in Waikiki every spring. Chitlins—a contraction of "chitterlings"—are actually pig intestines.

When Laila moves into a new place uptown, surrounded by conservative, nosey, and catty neighbors, she has to work a little harder than most to fit in.

Laila is trying her best to make new connections while keeping her business private – which becomes increasingly difficult when she starts dating a submissive, and her neighbors start looking closer into her career.Once armed with bottled water and two bowls of sauce, it's every man for himself! Entomologists know there's only one place to go come September: Raleigh, North Carolina, for the annual Bug Fest at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.