Serena dating white guy

30-Dec-2017 14:33

From desegregation, we moved to equal opportunity jobs and homes.

This was mainly given to single women and the elderly.

Furthermore, the trap of cash assistance ensures that if a woman on government assistance actually tries to better herself, she fails.

If you actually get a job or go back to school, your benefits can be cut immediately.

Black women were pulled into the women’s rights movement, though white women hadn’t been fighting for our rights all along.

Suddenly, Black women were chasing the white woman’s dream of freedom from under her husband’s thumb.

That’s why a woman like Serena Williams marrying a white man bothers me so much.

Government assistance, like section 8, bars convicted felons from living in homes paid for by the government.

Meaning if your children’s father is a felon, he can’t be in the home to raise his children if you get government assistance.

Notice that “Hottentot” Williams here has “Bear Cheeks” written on her ass, while her manis dressed as a bear. " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / Last week I published an article titled “She’s Down With the Swirl”, pointing out high profile Black women who dated and married outside of their race.

On the list was Venus Williams, her sister, Serena recently announced that she is engaged to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.Many of today’s Blacks seem to not even understand the struggle their ancestors endured to make sure we were treated fairly in this country.