Rulove dating ru

28-Mar-2018 08:21

and any strong relation starts from friendship and I already imagine a moment of our meeting, how we talk together, how you show me some great places there - will you be my guide?

Hope that yes because you will be my the only one friend and hope you won't leave me alone.

helps you to install any apps/games available on Google Play Store.I'm the only one child in our family and of course they are worry of me because I go alone to big country which far from Russia.But I explained them everything in details, told them that I met a good man there - you and that you will care of me a treat me like a queen. Just curious If everything will be fine and I will come to you then I hope that you will meet me at the airport with flowers - in other case my parents won't let me go!Please tell me what's your thoughts about it, waiting for your answer soon! - today morning I got a notice from post office and when I came there then I received an official letter from embassy and they told me in this letter all is good with documents and references which I granted, it's the final stage and if I will pass this intervew well then I will receive my visa.

I will inform you about all details as soon as will find out about everything, ok? I trust that even 10 minutes of meeting in real life better then 1000 letters, do you agree?

And of course I have some thoughts to move to big city because I love travel and want to realize myself what else...