Qtablewidget input validating

09-Apr-2018 16:20

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The simplest way to create the headers is to supply a list of strings to the set Horizontal Header Labels() and set Vertical Header Labels() functions. This is useful when you have a QTable Widget Item subclass and want to make sure that QTable Widget creates instances of your subclass. Sets the number of rows in this table's model to rows. These will provide simple textual headers for the table's columns and rows. If this is less than row Count(), the data in the unwanted rows is discarded.

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Tables can be given both horizontal and vertical headers. Returns a list of MIME types that can be used to describe a list of tablewidget items. For example when the user is editing in an empty cell. Selects or deselects the range depending on select. It is generally preferable to provide your own messages, as the default messages by necessity are generic.

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