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Responding to the disconnect between their desires and the circumscribed roles laid out for them by society at large, female fan artists are creating a paper world in which their work, their humor and their acceptance of non-traditional expressions of gender and sexuality directly undermine patriarchal authority.And the mainstream, for better or worse, is taking note.Theatricality is perhaps the most well-known feature of camp, as exemplified by its focus on role-playing and emphasis on the performative quality of gender roles (123).Likewise, in and the cross-dresser demonstrate that one's gender is entirely dependent on the role one wishes to play and can often times be completely fluid, changing from one situation to the next – the line between the and the drag queen is truly a narrow one.

Similarly, the more recent Japanese tradition of fan parody is associated with by creating their own counternarratives that involve well-known characters in fantastic, often absurd, situations and unexpected homoerotic pairings, creating a subtext that complicates and questions the inclusiveness of the master narrative.In the earliest examples of the genre, such as Tekamiya Keiko's tells the tale of Sapphire, a girl born with a boy's heart who is raised as a boy so that s/he can ascend the throne of a kingdom that visually suggests the magical realm of Disney films" (Welker 846).