Oracle updating cursor

10-Mar-2018 23:20

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” In the print version of the article, only choice a was correct.In the online version (which also matches the quiz offered at PL/SQL Challenge, both a and b are correct.You must, of course, use the SQL language to access tables, and each time you do so, you use a to get the job done.A cursor is a pointer to a private SQL area that stores information about the processing of a SELECT or data manipulation language (DML) statement (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE).Here are some examples of using SELECT-INTO: Get the last name for a specific employee ID (the primary key in the employees table): If there is a row in the employees table with ID 138, this block will display the last name of that employee.If there is no such row, the block will fail with an unhandled NO_DATA_FOUND exception.Assuming that a unique index is defined on the employee_id column, this block will never raise the TOO_MANY_ROWS exception.Fetch an entire row from the employees table for a specific employee ID: Again, if an employee exists for that ID, the last name will be displayed.

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This article focuses on the most-common ways programmers execute SELECT statements in PL/SQL, namely At the end of the article, I offer some quick tips to help you figure out which of these techniques you should use for different scenarios.You can, alternatively, explicitly declare a cursor and then perform the open, fetch, and close operations yourself.

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