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24-Nov-2017 06:41

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Wondering how to make your ex pay the price of betraying you online?Need a vengeful idea to make your so-called friend pay for their betrayal?Plus, everything can be sent totally anonymously with no chance of it getting tracked back to you.This is the most fun and satisfying part of the entire deal!There are a number of other websites as well like Masters of Revenge that can do nuisance calls on your behalf, without they getting traced back to you.Another great pick in the online revenge resource list is Let them taste the pain of breaking your heart in a true itching affair.Crab Revenge has introduced an icking but satisfyingly effective way of getting back at your ex or someone who was excessively mean or unfair to you – this website will send them some ruthless pubic lice that will have them itching in all the wrong places.

Not just for romantic interests, these cards and posters can also be a great payback for pranksters, backstabbing friends, bullies and mean, so-called friends.

Get Revenge On Your Ex is a 100% anonymous and legal website that lets you anonymously revenge call anyone you want.

Spill our your heart to an ex, a backstabbing friend or an annoying colleague.

Here are some of our top picks that will surely have you sleep better tonight (or at least have a laugh to see what lengths some people will go to): Nobody, I repeat NOBODY who drops a Go T spoiler in conversation can ever be spared for life.

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This evil app,, is a work of pure genius if you want to get back at someone in the most heartless, evil way.

You’re seething with anger and want to do something bad.

'” “I was like, ‘You and I are so going to be best friends,'” the Australian actress continued. “The report also claims that Cara’s close relationships with . and the model was also cited as one of the possible reasons why Amber and Johnny rowed before their divorce.” Amid these rumors, the 24-year-old model is keeping her calm during London Fashion Week.… continue reading »

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They’d want to message back and forth so much with people to see if they got a vibe, and it’s like, well, none of that matters.… continue reading »

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