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04-Jul-2017 10:18

One would be to start by writing code to generate some dynamic data UI, and then work to make it pretty.

Another approach we could take would be to start by mocking up the HTML UI first, and then once we are happy with it write the code to make it dynamic.

The HTML markup output from the server will be 100% CSS based (no tables or inline styles).

Before we start working on our product page, we'll first want to define the overall UI and layout structure for our site.

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Above I'm using the "Vertical Split View" option so that I can see both the source and design view on a wide-screen monitor.Specifically, we only want to display 6 products at a time on the page, and provide a nice page number UI to allow users to navigate forward and backwards over our product sequence. NET 3.5 is the control - which makes data paging scenarios with the List View control pretty easy.

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