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Finally Johnson makes the point that if women are ever going to have real quality, everyone needs to choose to behave differently in the system of patriarchy.

Frye’s “Oppression” Fyre delves into how women are oppressed by society as a whole.

She brings up an interesting point on how women who are more sexually active are considered “whores” and women who are not very sexually active are “prudes.” I think that this double standard is very prominent in our society today.

A man who sleeps around may be called a player, but it is a good thing.

She talks about how men often repudiate the fact that women are oppressed, by saying that men are oppressed too.

Fyre does not give value to men being oppressed however; she focuses on how women are treated unequally.

A woman who sleeps around is a slut, and is not respected.

His wife works, and he stays at home with the children.Johnson and Gokova agree with each other on many subjects, especially that men need to make an effort to be different and to reject any form of oppression.The extended family of fruits called citrus (or cítrico in Portuguese) is tremendously important to Brazil in all kinds of ways.In the economic sphere their importance to the Brazilian export market in agricultural products is enormous - Brazil is the world's largest exporter of oranges and among the largest in the export of limes.

Gastronomically, the sharp acidic tang is absolutely essential to a vast number of Brazilian dishes, which wouldn't be the same at all if another acidic substance, vinegar for instance, was substituted.OBLACION – nude sexy guy OTSO-OTSO – two bottom guys hooking up PUTANGGRA – bitch QUERI/ KERI – able, can do, could be RECTUM ERRATUM – top guy gone bottom SI ROWENA – unsuccessful cruise (“zero”)STABILO – thick and misshapen penis SUCCESS STORY – ugly local hooked up with a rich foreigner SUSHMITA SEN – “ohmigod!!!

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