Nigerian dating scam email Adult webcam chat orange county california

06-Sep-2017 05:57

Nigerian romance scammers steal personal photos of people that they claim to be them.They are more than happy to send these to their victims.No need to spend hundreds of dollars and hire a private detective.That would also be a sort of scam, because there is NOTHING they can tell you about an overseas individual other than what you can find on your own FOR FREE on the Internet. Put it in quotes, to make sure you are searching for this exact phraze.They know exactly what to say to make the victim fall in love with them and trust them completely.Once the scammer has caught his victim in his trap, he begins to ask for small amounts of money to assist him in daily expenses. He needs money to pay his medical bills after falling ill, he needs help because he was mugged, he needs your help buying a plane ticket so the two of you can finally be joined together.Do you know that many social networks allow to search their members base by email address?

Also, if you have sent any money to a scammer via Western Union you can contact their fraud department.

It is my hope, not that he gets thrown in jail, but that by putting out information about him on the internet, it will stop any future victims from falling prey to this criminal.

For more information about this particular scammer, you can Google his name and find numerous reports of him and his information online. You can find love online but you can also find heartbreak.

When I reported him to my local FBI headquarters I was given sympathy but also was told that with this scam it is extremely hard for them to catch the criminal.

All information that the scammer provides the victim is fake and therefore difficult to track.

He was staying in Nigeria at the time because he had a contract with the “National Museum” in Lagos.