Nichkhun dating victoria real

25-Feb-2018 07:11

He scolded Block B for their Thai scandal when he got into a drunk driving accident in Korea ㅋ And there are tons of shippers overseas, all of the idols ignore them but it's always Khun who lashes out at them like this.9.

[ 10, -0] It might just be fan service to him but I want to ask Khun if he intends to accept those delusional shippers each time and smile for them all for that Chinese money. Khuntoria probably pisses her enough as it is but now she has to watch her own boyfriend coddle them like this?

She was born in San Francisco and raise in diamond Bar (outside of Los Angeles).

She moved to South Korea to realize her dream, but she still maintains an American citizenship and recently bought a home outside of L. Also, how is speaking your native language showing off.

He knows how delusional Chinese shippers can get and he still chose to sit there.12.

[ 8, -0] Nichkhun-ah, Tiffany is just as precious to us as she is to you...

How dare they terrorize a concert with their delusional ship? [ 13, -0] Nichkhun's always been the type to be harshest on others while lenient on himself.He had no reason to be sitting in front of Khuntoria fans like that.He had a crowd for personal fans but he chose to sit there, even though he has a girlfriend.If his Chinese promos are more important to him than Tiffany, he should let her go.

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Those same delusional shippers are the ones terrorizing his own girlfriend and threatening their love.i heard that nickhun was going to be in ouran highschool, but when I saw the cast for the drama he wasnt in it till i found out that there was going to be a movie.

"My hair was in an uncontrived ponytail, one of my favourite personal looks." Johannes played the dapper groom to perfection, complimenting his bride in a bespoke tailored white Marc Anthony Hamburg suit and a piquet shirt.… continue reading »

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