Nairobi sex dating clubs

14-Feb-2018 15:13

Membership & Inquiries Benefits of Membership While GKT remains primarily a Human Rights Advocacy group, it is also a membership group and offers services only for its membership.These include: Participating in our Advocacy activities While frontline... Many families guide their children in the direction of prostitution in order to gain salary to help support the family for food and other needs.Girls in particular become extremely vulnerable and desperately need money, and as a result they become the main target for prostitution.Up to 30,000 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 are being lured into the industry with promises of riches and trips abroad after the sexual activity is done.However nothing is actually given to them afterwards and these girls then fall into the trap of prostitution from which they can’t escape afterwards.Since prostitution is such a profitable activity many families in Kenya allow their children to get into the prostitution industry at a very young age in order to get money.

They believe due to poverty, besides its booming tourism industry, residents in the country still are not able to finically support themselves which as mentioned before drives young girls and families into the path of prostitution.To survive in Nairobi, you have to be street smart. See what happened to this mzungu in the video below. And if you don’t know how to speak in sheng or Swahili, you’d better be accompanied by a friend who can. Most Of Them Are Crooks – They are the kind of women who steal from you then beat you up. If You’re Not Looking For Them, Avoid Areas Where They Are – If you have no business around the streets they are usually found, just use another.And this is the kind of knowledge you don’t get in school; you learn from those who have experienced it, and that’s why we have Mr. After last year’s investigative on Nairobi commercial sex workers (check out the story below), our social media guru Chege decided to go back to the streets and brothels to enjoy himself, but at least he experienced something and decided to share with us. They Are Cheap – This is definitely good news for my brothers who cannot pick up women from the club or afford to visit high-end brothels. Many people have been robbed and even killed in some of these dingy lodges in Nairobi. Because you might not like what you may see, more so if you’re a religious person or maybe you have a kid on board.Due to the increasing number of girls entering prostitution in Kenya, HIV/AIDS has spread across much of Kenya in a short period of time.

Many girls lack information and knowledge about the practice of safe sex and how to use protection when involved in sexual activates.

Since many girls are extremely vulnerable, living in poverty with no food or money, they lack opportunities for education or employment.

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