Leo and scorpio dating

13-Aug-2017 00:29

Take Princess Diana, for example, who was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign that’s ruled by the Moon.

She married Prince Charles two days before a solar eclipse, her son Prince William was born the day of a solar eclipse, the announcement of her separation from Charles was announced on the day of a lunar eclipse and Diana died within 24 hours of a solar eclipse. Yet eclipses are important for everyone, especially if you have planets or angles within 1-2 degrees of the eclipse degree.

Sun Scorpio – major life changes – partner moves in; Ascendant Aries – two pregnancies, one successful, the start of a new family.

This fits the eclipse cycle perfectly and these are the kind of life-changing events that can happen.

This is an important time to consider the groups you belong to, your friendships, your associations.

You may decide to leave or move on from one set and find a new group or alliance.

Events around these dates may also be relevant to what’s happening in your life now.I hope you find this article helpful in light of the current eclipse cycle.Please do leave your comments below if you have a personal story to share that ties in to the eclipse symbolism, or you would like some help understanding what the eclipse astrology means for you.Do you find your light is dimmed if you compare yourself unfavourably to others, if other people don’t get who you are, if your contribution goes unwanted?

Alternatively, are you ready to shine bright, share your natural talents with the world, make a difference?You can understand the fear in years gone by when little was known about eclipses and the sky would suddenly turn dark.