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17-Jan-2018 09:44

A true leader goes without the approval of the pack.

It takes courage and strength to push beyond group mentality because as humans we fear losing approval of others (it’s hardwired into us).

He knows what he wants in life and doesn’t care if people want to go down that direction.

He doesn’t manipulate or control them into going where he wants to go, he simply goes WITHOUT PERMISSION from others.

You are essentially looking to them to let you lead.

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Women don’t have respect for today’s men but how can they.

Solution: It is more than ok for a women to make a suggestion as to what you can do but you need to be the one making the final decision.

The average age group is mid-twenties to mid-forties.… continue reading »

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Oh, and you can know what those faults are and enter into a marriage with open eyes about who you're really marrying. Here are some things that I think should happen before you decide to get engaged, regardless of how long it's been:—You should say "I love you" to one another, and mean it.—You should meet close friends and family members.—You should experience some sort of conflict to see how you both react to stress.—You should disagree about something.—You should know your partner's core as a person.—You should discuss your ideas about money, gender roles, and where you want to live.—You should feel in your gut that you can trust this person.—You should both come first to one another.—You should be able to speak openly and feel respected at all times.—You should feel comfortable about your sexual compatibility and both feel satisfied.… continue reading »

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