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They may worry about the idea of having an "accident" in social situations.Others don't like people being able to see treatment effects such as scars, skin changes, loss of limbs, and changes in weight.Often, sexual problems will not get better on their own.To get help with many of these problems, it's important to tell your doctor about any changes in your sex life.Sexual problems after cancer treatment are often caused by changes to your body - from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, or by the effects of certain medicines.Sometimes emotional issues can be the cause of sexual problems.The information on this page was adapted by the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) publication "Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment." The entire NCI publication is available online at Changes and Intimacy Some body changes are short-term, and others will last forever.

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Parents and grandparents often worry about how they look to a child or grandchild.

Some examples include anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt about how you got cancer, changes in body image after surgery, and stress between you and your partner.