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02-Mar-2018 18:37

She's a member of a police squad pursuing a psychopathic copycat killer "inspired" by the unsolved Black Dahlia murders that occurred in Los Angeles in the 1940s.

"My first meeting with Kelly for the role of Anna Travis made me very excited," recalls La Plante.

There's a relaxed confidence too – a quality that makes her great company (she would seemingly quite merrily chat all afternoon, batting away the PR's overprotective overtures) and cool enough to not cravenly court publicity. I remember doing a play called Piano Forte at (London's] Royal Court about three years ago, and I'd just come out of a really terrible break-up. And this character I was about to play was not fragile. – the fact that she was completely powerful and strong and in the swing of her life, that kind of thing can really help out in your private life. Because you go to a different place in your head that's not you.

And it can invigorate – as well as being difficult." And so to Reilly's current big-screen role.

And as she orders us room service, she admits she was mortified when her PR had earlier tried to cut short our allotted interview time, seemingly because of tonight's West End premire (for her other recent film, Me And Orson Welles).

"Yeah, there's the premire later, but beforehand all I'm doing is sitting around in the hotel." And, ultimately, her short time on the Sherlock Holmes set was considerably less fulfilling than her new small-screen role, playing Detective Constable Anne Travis in ITV's Above Suspicion.

Her pale-fire hair is tied up but bursting out in straggles.

Getting the part was not something she worked hard for. I didn't have to audition for it." It was more about having the chance to work with Downey Jr than it was about appearing in a big-budget film that would get loads of press.She's Mary Morstan, other half of Dr Watson, in Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie's testosteroned adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective tales.

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