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13-Mar-2018 00:38

If he's always putting his best friend before you, that's not a good sign.He shouldn't be taking her phone calls when you two are on a date or in the middle of a serious conversation.Justin Bieber is now back with Selena Gomez, and #Jelena supporters are ECSTATIC about it. However, we're wondering how Selena's ex-boyfriend The Weeknd is feeling, seeing her move on so fast.is reporting that Abel and Yovanna got cuddly at TWO different parties over the weekend. He was there for a solid two hours with her and everywhere they went they held hands.” The source continued to say, “he was parading her around.If it happens constantly, it could mean that's because he'd rather talk to her than you.Source: Shutter Stock This is a big one, because your boyfriend should never be comparing you to anyone else. And usually when that happens, they're comparing you to that person for a reason. If he had some sort of sad, unrequited crush on her for years, that could be a warning sign.If he really can't admit that she's done something wrong, it might be because he's placing her on a pedestal and that isn't fair to you.

Does she always know he's in a bad mood before you do?

It's normal if your BF is defending his best friend when she's right and deserves to be defended.

What's not normal is when he defends her even when she's blatantly wrong.

He should be willing to put you before her once in a while.

Source: Shutter Stock If your boyfriend is confiding in his best girl friend WAY more than he's confiding in you... Of course, she may know more about his past than you if they've known each other for longer, but think of it this way: is she the first one he calls when something good or bad happens, every time?Feelings of jealousy almost always go hand-in-hand with relationships, no matter how much you trust and love your boo.