How accurate are dating scans at 12 weeks Cam chat cibersexo de web

29-Sep-2017 01:44

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From what I have been told, early u/s is the best way to pinpoint the gestation of the baby.

I had my first scan this pg at what I thought was 7wk 5d the scan backdated me to 7wk 1d- I knew this couldn't be right as I would have got my BFP on 4dpo.

When i got the results from that scan it said i was a week further at 13 weeks 1.

So i really am not sure but i would say it's close enough to reliable? my next scan at 12w 4d put me at 13 weeks exactly....

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These are also the dates my Ob and m/w have chosen to go by.I know without a doubt the date of my LMP & the date we concieved my scan at 7w 4 days put me at 6w 5 days... well I was told today that a pregnancy cannot be dated accurately until 9-10 weeks pregnant and anywhere before that is just guessing (oh and he kindly reminded me he has 28 years experience when i questioned this) Rough Diamond - that is interesting.