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Start drafting them early in the process to allow for translators to translate the Release Notes on the website.

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The integration queue is not set in stone: a change in the maturity status of a feature in waiting is good reason to review/change the ordered list.There's a Hugin translation guide to help you get started or help when you run into translation problems.The release process introduced in 2009 has decoupled the development processes from the release process, avoiding artificial slow downs (trunk freezes).We'll be releasing frequent snapshots until a release candidate emerges.

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This is an iterative process: It is recommended to work separately on major changes and integrate them in the main codeline when they are ready.However sometimes there are conflicting version and even Mercurial does not know what to do. To work comfortably with KDiff3, add the following lines to ~/.hgrc: When a development codeline reaches maturity, it enters the integration queue.