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From 566 BC onwards, the festival of the Great Panathenaea featured sporting events such as racing while armed, horse races, and musical competitions.

At the major pan-Hellenic games, the victors were presented with woven wreaths, while winners at the Panathenaic games received amphorae containing oil from the sacred olive groves of the city's goddess, Athena.

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Free 5-day trial Have you ever wondered how the ancient Greeks made pottery and why they had so many different types?

Die Griechische Klassik, catalogue d'exposition, Berlin, 2002, p. BENTZ M., Les amphores panathénaïques : une étonnante longévité, in "Le vase dans tous ses états", catalogue d'exposition, Mariemont, 2003, p.

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Commissions to produce official amphorae were awarded to the workshops of the Kerameikos in Athens by the city authorities, on the basis of open competitions.

Panathenaic amphorae were presented as prizes to the winning athletes at the Panathenaic games, held in Athens every four years.

In this lesson, we'll discuss the history of ancient Greek pottery and learn how to identify the different styles of vessels.

Just like you and me, the ancient Greeks needed cups, dishes and cutlery for their everyday lives.

A great many vase-painters worked on their decoration, notably the Kleophrades Painter and the Berlin Painter, whose workshop marks often figure on Athena's shield (a gorgoneion for the Berlin Painter, for example).

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Panathenaic amphorae have broad, rounded bodies, slender necks and feet, and narrow, non-protruding handles.

In the 4th century BC, the vases also bore the name of the archon in charge of controlling the production of oil and vases for the Panathenaea.