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16-May-2018 12:57

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Beyond that: if you are trying to meet people on Tinder and Bumble, don’t be so judgy.

Swipe right more often than not, and have a conversation or meet the person. Thanks for reading–if you enjoyed the post, please retweet, share, like, and/or do whatever it is you do on social media.

The music was almost as important as the acting in this movie.

The musical score for this movie is one of the best I have ever encountered. And just as good are the music (songs) the movie uses, how and when they are used. I feel sorry for you if you don't ever get to experience this movie, it is a MUST see.

And in so doing, they may be swiping left on their perfect match. And as cruel and judgmental and ridiculous as our society is, a lot of Tinder profiles are DOA for that reason.

The second lie is that deep down we all have this belief in destiny–the notion that everything is going to work out–and we especially like to apply it to our love life.

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On my drive home, the realization sunk in that I was actually in the game with this beautiful woman. And therein lies one of the major problems with online dating: you can be a relatively attractive person, but when there are really, really, really good looking people out there, why swipe right on just relatively attractive? Because a lot of people like the Yankees, and it has nothing to do with whether or not that person is a suitable mate.For example, say a girl doesn’t like the Yankees and comes across the profile of someone wearing a Yankees hat. Like: a mirror selfie, shirtless/bikini pic, one with a child/dog/cat, too many photos with sunglasses on, the wrong kind of sunglasses, doing an objectionable activity (like fishing, hunting, etc.), has a tattoo or doesn’t…it can go on and on and unfortunately I’m sure for many people it does. It means whatever the fuck the person looking at it thinks it means.None has made more impact on me than the David Lean version.

I was so looking forward to Mike Newell's version which seemed to have the perfect casting. Granted that it is very difficult to tell this story in a couple of hours of screen time, but that is no excuse for making a film which rushes through the events in the book without providing sufficient depth of the characters and motivation for their actions for the audience to feel empathy with them.Gwyneth Paltrow is absolutely stunning and plays her role perfectly.