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01-Jul-2017 12:55

There are generally many opportunities for post-graduate students, and if you're a recent graduate, you can tap into your connections with your past professors and other faculty and staff you may have gotten to know while you were at school.

Read More: If you're interesting in putting your time towards a good career, consider a gap year program like the Peace Corps, Ameri Corps or City Year.

Learn More Our Bridge & Transportation Division offers design and engineering support for movable and other bridge applications which require open grid systems to support vehicular loads and/or pesestrian foot traffic.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a field other than what you majored in, or want to further develop career-specific skills, consider taking continuing-education classes at a community college or an adult-learning center in your area.

Read More: If you don't feel you're ready to jump into a nine-to-five career, take the year off working a part-time job in an area you're passionate about, or somewhere you've always thought about working at - like at a flower shop, for example - but never had the time to try out.

Not only does this give you the opportunity to pad your bank account post-college, but, it could develop into more promising opportunities down the road.

Project applications include pedestrian walkways, parks, and rec, obser-vation platforms, utility vaults and fountains.

In cancer pathology, a classification of the degree of malignancy or differentiation of tumor tissue; for example, well, moderately well, or poorly differentiated, and undifferentiated or anaplastic. The more frequent the disease, the more aggressive the treatment is.Read More: Although many internships stipulate that candidates must be able to receive college credit in order to be eligible to work, there are some that don't require interns to be enrolled in school.

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