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16-Mar-2018 19:52

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Someone who would’ve been an apt replacement: Dorota, the delightful Polish maid who dutifully served the Waldorf family for decades, as she was privy to the many secrets of the show’s leading characters for years.Zuzanna Szadkowski, the actress who portrayed Dorota, also agrees with this.If Serena van der Woodsen had to end up with someone other than Dan Humphrey, Ryan Reynolds isn’t too shabby a choice.

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See below for an update on the whole alongside Rupert Grint.You imagine dead movie stars turning on a radio, hearing “It’s , that — if you obey the tenets of the original time before the universe collapses and Serena moved to Los Angeles — Gossip Girl is an unbiased observer of her beloved Upper East Siders.This is maybe a relic of something particular to New York culture circa-2000s, the era of Socialite Rank.— but also square enough to imagine that Serena would pose so perfectly, that the Melanie91 would carefully discover a perfect angle. It had a few million viewers on a brand-new network.

pilot captures some idea of the internet, but only to serve a throwback dream of New York, grand hotels and high families, champagne in the limo and the notion of “Brooklyn” as anything but desirable. It cycled the cable revolution’s mature content into teen drama.

These aren’t even rom-com contrivances; they suggest some long-ago courtly romance.