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12-Aug-2017 13:48

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Copy the URL to your clipboard, then open up Calendar Manager in Finalsite.

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You can also force a refresh by clicking the "Update" button for a specific calendar which has associated incoming feeds.

An import action is one-time only - changes you make on the external calendar will not be automatically synchronized with your Finalsite calendar.

Note: once you have imported events from an i Cal feed to a Finalsite calendar, you will not be able to remove them en masse.

If you don't see your calendar software listed, select "Get Standard i Cal URL," otherwise, choose the option that matches the calendar software you use.

Using either method, you'll end up with a URL that can be pasted into your external calendar software.Setting the Date Range for an Outgoing feed You can also set the date range for for an i Cal feed, which controls how far into the past or into the future the feed will look on the specified calendar to find events to publish.