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"I think a lot of people knew about it, but thought it was more legend," says Kaitlyn Berle, a friend whose parents live only a few miles away from the camp, when I tell her about my trip."I knew it was real, but I also can't believe you went." In 28 years, she'd never seen Green Valley and didn't know anyone who had visited, though if they had, they probably wouldn't have advertised it to their conservative neighbors.Inside the clubhouse, a small stage and tables are set up for community ice cream socials, dances, and live performances.Green Valley has had a surplus of visitors this season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, because of the good weather, our guide tells us.

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As we park next to the sky-blue shed that serves as the office, I spot a guy on a riding mower cutting the lawn. A middle-aged blonde hippie with glasses resting on the bridge of her nose and a large bronzed bosom takes our IDs into the office before gathering brochures and a complimentary bag and towels for us. We sign off on our paperwork after reviewing the rules and regulations, and exit the office in single file behind our nude guide.

We survey the shelves packed full of sarongs, wraps, sunglasses and bangles. She loads us up on the back of her golf cart, the leather seats hot to the touch from the summer sun, to take us on an abridged tour of the park.