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But it would not be until my teens that I would achieve the self-confidence to bring up masturbation in conversation with friends.

As to the question of when I became chronic, that is a little bit subtler.

But you see, we have found that that typically just causes escalating nonsense that can get totally out of control. But not to worry, registration here is free and fairly painless!

And before you know it, we have a full-fledged civil war, with everyone forced to choose which side they're on, often without knowing all -- or ANY -- of the real facts. Here's more info on some of the stuff you'll find here at Orgasmanic: PROFILES: Click on someone's name to see their profile, view their pics, learn more about them, and even send them a private message (PM).

For some reason, this apparently painted a bulls-eye on his back, because this person then got bullied relentlessly by the girl and a few of her cohorts. (For the record, after reviewing the chat logs, we found other examples of the same exact thing happening with this group to other newcomers. If we find good evidence and reason to warn or ban the reported person, we will make that happen. Orgasmanic is a community-oriented site dedicated to masturbation, orgasms and... all devoted to helping each other get off in new and exciting ways. All of these sections are accessible by clicking on the menubar at the top of each page.

The bullied person actually took it quite well (maybe he didn't understand all the things they were saying to him? But the things they said to him were like kids in a schoolyard. Also for the record, arbitrarily calling a newbie -- who most likely is in the process of learning how our chat works -- a "troll" does not make it OK to treat them like that.) Let me make this clear: We do not allow bullying here. If you think someone is breaking a rule or treating someone wrong, you should report them (screenshot here). I know human nature is to go Dirty Harry on someone you think is doing wrong, especially when it's online and there are no apparent repercussions. FYI, the member pic gallery, member profiles, chat room and some of the forum boards are for members only.

Unlike most shoutboxes, it's very interactive and functional. (See the full-page version of the shoutbox here.) Guests can't shout, so you'll need to register to participate. For those that couldn't make it, here are some of the happenings from the game. working flashlights, porn magazines, wine bottles, butt plugs (with bonuses for giving it a handjob), cats (but no rabbits or rats or ferrets*), magnifying glasses (with bonuses given for magnified sexual body parts (they were so big!

)), panties (bonus for green panties and disney-themed panties (nobody had the latter)), nipples (but no bonus given for nipple ring), phones (with a bonus rotary phone! The only webcam I've ever had is the one on my laptop but that doesn't work very well for getting good angles and I can still see the laptop so I found an app that I can use my cell phone as a webcam it works well with Skype and other sites but when I go into chat on o it just freezes so I was thinking about going and buying a webcam is there something particular I need to look for can I change something in settings so that my phone will run smoother after all the phone has a better cam than most webcams you can buy Hi everyone! I know we've done them in the past, but wanted to see if there was enough interest in bringing it back to make it fun.

Growing up without any guilt or shame about masturbating (even the amount I was doing it) was a major influence.

If there's anything you want to share, let us know in a forum post! The game was basically me naming an object or an objective, then having everyone show it or do it on cam.

SHOUTBOX: The shoutbox is at the top of almost every page here at Orgasmanic. Most of the requests had bonus options for more specific objects/objectives.

), something hard (with bonus for hard penis or hard nipple, lots of extra points on this one too). Feel free to add comments on the rules and scoring as well.

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Stuff that wasn't shown: no basketball (and no bonus for humping it), no strap-on (along with no bonus for wearing it), and... For the game's happy ending/gland finale, the objective given was: EJACULATE. I believe we had six ejaculators in all (bigboi, goth_lover, hot.sexybabe, huntergreen, jayc, reggie). Winner: hot.sexybabe (with a whopping 2,064 points! And also to those who watched and helped Obabe record points accurately (so many cams, it was difficult to see all of them at once).*I forgot to mention it was dann45 with not only a rotary phone, but also a hedgehog (ya just gotta give points for that, even if it's not a rat or ferret)! So, not that I have any terribly awesome photos to share, BUT, when I am trying to add a new one to my profile, it is always posting in landscape layout, not portrait. Thanksor the same sex, if that's a more exciting story.consensual non-age specific stories only please (in line with the guidelines of the site)who was it? Rules The contest is open to any member(s) within the Orgasmanic community. For creative purposes, standard photo filters are allowed, but "photoshopping" or changing the actual body image is strictly prohibited. After submission, the entire community will have 7 days to score photos 1-5 within any category and as many categories and as many photos as they believe is appropriate.

When I discovered the sublime process of edging and prolonging the pleasure at age twelve? I think if there is a point at which some sort of line was crossed it would be in my early-to-mid teens, when my view of masturbation changed. Nice when life gives you unexpected surprises, right?

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