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In fact, going through his Heer one cannot help but wonder if Waris Shah were alive today would he be able to, or allowed to, write a daring epic like Heer?

It is said when Waris Shah completed Heer he showed it to his teacher.

Folks listen to it, mesmerized both by the melody and its contents.

Older people would often quote a line or two from Waris Shah’s Heer as a piece of wisdom in their conversations.

But it is only Waris Shah’s Heer that the world knows about – or cares to know about.

By writing Heer, Waris Shah not only told a fascinating story but also raised the status of Punjabi from that of a rustic language, which was mostly a spoken language, to that of a language of literature.

In the quiet of the night, tired and distressed that he was, Ranjha starts playing the flute.

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While others went about their daily chores Ranjha whiled away his time playing the flute that he loved so much.

readers: Here is another post on that great folk tale of Punjab. Even then I reproduce this for you, as I think Mast Qalandar is a guy who has done full justice to the leading Sufi poet of Punjab when he details this ever living legend in a very lucid, very absorbing style especially as a writer, who is not a native of Punjab.