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08-Jun-2018 15:28

Statistically, however, affairs are most likely to occur .

Sometimes it seems to be caused by sexual dissatisfaction or incompatibility.

It can also be caused by emotional dissatisfaction - perhaps a spouse is feeling neglected or unappreciated.Most people who are unfaithful, however, seem to be seeking emotional or physical comfort.They may feel that their primary relationship is lacking, or they may feel that they need external validation.Visit and you are greeted by a blonde suggestively biting into an apple - the overt metaphor for sin is not lost on anyone.

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When Gleeden was launched in 2009 in France, a study showed that 30 per cent of people on traditional dating sites were actually married and lying about it.We hope you’ll never end up with directly experiencing these infidelity statistics, but sometimes, it pays to understand the cold hard numbers - if only so you know where you stand.